ROBUSCHI ROBOX EL Series, is a complete blower package. incorporating the Robuschi RBS blower air-end. The Robuschi ROBOX EL range is equipped with a Robuschi RBS Blower, air Inlet Filter with Silencer, Discharge Silencer with integral Safety Valve and Robuschi patented Non-Return Valve. The motor is installed on a Self-Tensioning mounting bracket that maintains the V-drive belt tension, without the need for adjustment. The base-frame includes anti-vibration mountings and a counter balance spring to eliminate motor bounce at the start up moment of inertia.

Robuschi ROBOX ES Series is the perfect all-rounder. The ROBOX ES range includes all of the items assembled on the EL Series as well as a noise reducing acoustic enclosure. The Robuschi ROBOX ES package includes an hot air extraction fan as well as a pressure/vacuum gauge and a filter clogged gauge. On the smaller frame sizes, the air inlet filter on the Robsuchi ROBOX ES units is replaced quickly and easily with the pneumatically assisted opening top lid. Oil changes are done via connecting pipes, so the blower can be serviced without being stripped down.

Both the Robsuchi ROBOX EL and ES Blower packages are available in pressure applications (up to 1000mbar(g)) and vacuum applications with vacuum pressures (up to -500mbar(g)).

L20 Flow Control offers the Robuschi RBS Series of Blowers and Vacuum Pumps in the following Models: RBS15/V, RBS15/H, RBS25/V, RBS25,H, RBS35/V, RBS35/H, RBS45/V, RBS45/H, RBS46/V, RBS46/H, RBS55/V, RBS55/H, RBS65/V, RBS65/H, RBS66/V, RBS66/H, RBS75/V, RBS75/H, RBS85/V, RBS85/H, RBS86/V, RBS86/H, RBS95/V, RBS95/H, RBS105/V, RBS105/H, RBS106/V, RBS106/H, RBS115/V, RBS115/H, RBS125/V, RBS125/H, RBS126/V, RBS126/H, RBS135/V, RBS135/H, RBS145/V, RBS145/H, RBS155/V, RBS155/H, RBS165/V, RBS165/H, RBS175/V, RBS175/H, RBS205/V, RBS205/H, RBS225/V, RBS225/H.Robuschi The Robuschi ROBOX Evolution blower packages and vacuum pump packages are available in the following models: EL15/1/P, EL15/1/V, ES15/1/P, ES15/1/V, EL25/1/P, EL25/1/V, ES25/1/P, ES25/1/V, EL35/2/P, EL35/2/V, ES35/2/P, ES35/2/V, EL45/2/P, EL45/2/V, ES45/2/P, ES45/2/V, EL46/2/P, EL46/2/V, ES46/2/P, ES46/2/V, EL55/2/p, EL55/2/V, ES55/2/P, ES55/2/V, EL65/2/P, EL65/2/V, ES65/2/P, ES65/2/V, EL65/3/P, EL65/3/V, ES65/3/P, ES65/3/V, EL66/3/P, EL66/3/V, ES66/3/P, ES66/3/V, EL75/3/P, EL75/3/V, ES75/3/P, ES75/3/V, EL85/3/P, EL85/3/V, ES85/3/P, ES85/3/V, EL86/3/P, EL86/3/V, ES86/3/P, ES86/3/V, EL95/3/P, EL95/3/V, ES95/3/P, ES95/3/V, EL86/4/P, EL86/4/V, ES86/4/P, ES86/4/V, EL95/3/P, EL95/3/V, ES95/3/P, ES95/3/V, EL105/4/P, EL105/4/V, ES105/4/P, ES105/4/V, EL106/4/P, EL106/4/V, ES106/4/P, ES106/4/V, EL115/4/P, EL115/4/V, ES115/4/P, ES115/4/V, EL125/4/P, EL125/4/V, ES125/4/P, ES125/4/V, EL124/4/P, EL126/4/V, ES126/4/P, ES126/4/V, EL135/4/P, EL135/4/V, ES135/4/P, ES135/4/V, EL126/5/P, EL126/5/V, ES126/5/P, ES126/5/V, EL145/5/P, EL145/5/V, ES145/5/P, ES145/5/V, El155/5/P, EL155/5/V, ES155/5/P, ES155/5/V, EL165/5/P, EL165/5/V, ES165/5/P, ES165/5/V.


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