Robuschi RB-DV series is a rotary lobe vacuum pump exhauster. The Robuschi RB-DV premium rotary lobe vacuum blower operates at varying vacuum pressures up to 100 mbar(a), without the need for vacuum breaker valves or water cooling. With a maximum air flow of 10,500 m³/h, the Robuschi RBDV is a compact, economical and robust vacuum pumping solution. The high vacuum levels with the high volume flow rates are achieved through the patented Robuschi RBDV intercooler injection system. The wide range of model sizes and options makes Robuschi RBDV the perfect compact solution for dry, oil free vacuum pumping. The Robuschi RBDV range of vacuum pumps is the preferred vacuum pump for Super-sucker Vacuum Trucks, Honey-sucker Vacuum Trucks and Combination JET/VAC Trucks. The Robuschi RB-DV Series of vacuum pumps can also be used in stationary installations for Pneumatic Conveying Systems and Central Vacuum Systems.

ROBUSCHI bareshaft High Vacuum Pump, Vacuum Blowers, Honey Sucker Vacuum Pumps, Super Sucker Pumps,  and Vacuum Exhausters blowers are available in the following model sizes: RB-DV45/V, RB-DV45/H, RB-DV65/V, RB-DV65/H, RB-DV85/V, RB-DV85/H, RB-DV105/V, RB-DV105/H, RB-DV125/V, RB-DV125/H, RB-DV145/V, RB-DV145/H