ROBUSCHI RBS Series, Roots Type, Blowers are positive displacement, rotary tri-lobe blowers and rely on an integral pulsation dampening system to reduce noise levels, pulsations and vibrations. The oil splash system means lower running costs and reduced maintenance downtime. The sealed chambers separating the oil sumps from the rotor casings allows the Robuschi RBS Blower to provide dry, oil free air. The flexibility of the mounting arrangement means that the Robuschi RBS Blower can be mounted in a horizontal or vertical air flow configuration. The discharge pressure works on a 1:1 ratio and can therefore produce up to 1000mbar(g). The Robuschi RBS Blowers can be used as either and positive displacement Air Pressure Blower, or a positive displacement Vacuum Pump. The Robuschi RBS series can achieve Vacuum Presures up to -500mbar (g). The design of the Robsuchi RBS Blower allows for 2 standard types. The short rotor version, which is used to achieve higher discharge pressures, and the long rotor version that provides higher flow rates. The Robuschi RBS Blower can achieve air flow rates of up to 25,000m3/hr.

L20 Flow Control offers the Robuschi RBS Series of Blowers and Vacuum Pumps in the following Models: RBS15/V, RBS15/H, RBS25/V, RBS25,H, RBS35/V, RBS35/H, RBS45/V, RBS45/H, RBS46/V, RBS46/H, RBS55/V, RBS55/H, RBS65/V, RBS65/H, RBS66/V, RBS66/H, RBS75/V, RBS75/H, RBS85/V, RBS85/H, RBS86/V, RBS86/H, RBS95/V, RBS95/H, RBS105/V, RBS105/H, RBS106/V, RBS106/H, RBS115/V, RBS115/H, RBS125/V, RBS125/H, RBS126/V, RBS126/H, RBS135/V, RBS135/H, RBS145/V, RBS145/H, RBS155/V, RBS155/H, RBS165/V, RBS165/H, RBS175/V, RBS175/H, RBS205/V, RBS205/H, RBS225/V, RBS225/H.Robuschi The Robuschi ROBOX Evolution blower packages and vacuum pump packages are available in the following models: EL15/1/P, EL15/1/V, ES15/1/P, ES15/1/V, EL25/1/P, EL25/1/V, ES25/1/P, ES25/1/V, EL35/2/P, EL35/2/V, ES35/2/P, ES35/2/V, EL45/2/P, EL45/2/V, ES45/2/P, ES45/2/V, EL46/2/P, EL46/2/V, ES46/2/P, ES46/2/V, EL55/2/p, EL55/2/V, ES55/2/P, ES55/2/V, EL65/2/P, EL65/2/V, ES65/2/P, ES65/2/V, EL65/3/P, EL65/3/V, ES65/3/P, ES65/3/V, EL66/3/P, EL66/3/V, ES66/3/P, ES66/3/V, EL75/3/P, EL75/3/V, ES75/3/P, ES75/3/V, EL85/3/P, EL85/3/V, ES85/3/P, ES85/3/V, EL86/3/P, EL86/3/V, ES86/3/P, ES86/3/V, EL95/3/P, EL95/3/V, ES95/3/P, ES95/3/V, EL86/4/P, EL86/4/V, ES86/4/P, ES86/4/V, EL95/3/P, EL95/3/V, ES95/3/P, ES95/3/V, EL105/4/P, EL105/4/V, ES105/4/P, ES105/4/V, EL106/4/P, EL106/4/V, ES106/4/P, ES106/4/V, EL115/4/P, EL115/4/V, ES115/4/P, ES115/4/V, EL125/4/P, EL125/4/V, ES125/4/P, ES125/4/V, EL124/4/P, EL126/4/V, ES126/4/P, ES126/4/V, EL135/4/P, EL135/4/V, ES135/4/P, ES135/4/V, EL126/5/P, EL126/5/V, ES126/5/P, ES126/5/V, EL145/5/P, EL145/5/V, ES145/5/P, ES145/5/V, El155/5/P, EL155/5/V, ES155/5/P, ES155/5/V, EL165/5/P, EL165/5/V, ES165/5/P, ES165/5/V.